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Road Marking Glass Beads

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When a beam of light falls on a single layer of Glass Beads embedded in a Reflective or Opaque Medium such as lacquer or pointed surface it is reflected back with a brilliant glare less glow during day and at night thereby increasing the visibility. Each beads acts like a lens or prism the incident ray of light reflected and refracted within the bead, and when it touches the reflecting or opaque surface, it again refracts back to the surface and the ray is "Given Back" to the source parallel to the incidents ray as shown in the diagram below :

The colour of reflected light depends on colour of the beads or colour of the background used.  

It has a wide range of application in the reflectorisation field. They are used to attract the attention from a distance, In Traffic Road, Rail, Sea or Air they are used for safety purposes, and in other field for advertisement, decoration, and in Glow Tape.

Here are some of the applications :

Glass Beads are used for reflectarisation by two different methods, For roads and runway markings, beads are mixed with the paint and then applied; in other reflectorisation jobs beads are applied on wet paint or binder in such a manner that half are applied on wet paint or binder in such a manner that half the bead is immersed in the paint and the other half exposed.

Road and runway markings : Beads (100 MICRON TO 1000 MICRON) are mixed with quality marking paint in the ratio of 1 Kg. of beads to 2 Liters of paint and applied with brush or sprayed with constant stirring of the mixer so as to prevent setting down of beads. Two liters of paint with 1 Kg. of beads will covered approximately in an area of 5.50 sq. meters for paint thickness of 0.25 m.m. in this method reflectorisation is not immediate since the beads are covered with paint. After few days, top layer of paint will wear out due to the wear & tear imposed on the surface by the heavy traffic and the beads get exposed which reflect back light. 

For the instantaneous reflection, the paint is applied on the road with an approximate thickness of 200 to 250 microns and on the wet paint beads having the diameter 350 to 200 microns diameter are sprinkled or sprayed about 1 Kg. of material will cover about 5.5 sq. meter.

Combination of both the above methods are also being used. Beads can be applied to vertical surface with a pressure cup gun or with a garden type dusting gun.

It helps to reduce accidents on roads, railways, sea and airfields. By using this, driver is alerted of the dangerous spot, curves and object much earlier and from a longer distance. He will have sufficient time to avoid an accident more so at night. That means better night visibility.

User of Glass Beads increases the life of the paint and dry quickly.



  • In all types of signals

  • In all types of Indicators

  • Level Crossing Gates


  • All type of runway making

  • Helicopter landing area

  • Parking area marking


  • Divider liner

  • Pedestrian Crossing

  • Lane Marking

  • Arrow Marking

  • Edge Lining at dangerous Spots

  • Traffic Islands

  • Curves

  • Road Signs

  • Guard Rolls


  • Harbour Signs

  • Marking on Boats

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