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Shot Blasting Glass Beads


Product Description

Star's are high quality glass micro spheres resulting from the specialised processing of selected glass cullet.


· Cold working of metal surfaces, i.e. shotpeening and honing. 

· General cleaning, removing of light foreign matter. 

· Decorative finishing, polishing or matting.


· Used for the cold working of metal surfaces as well as for general cleaning, deburring and decorative finishing whilst retaining the dimensional integrity of items being blasted (e.g. pistons).

· For delicate thin-walled parts and thin welds, peening with glass bead abrasive material provides the right balance of stress relief without over-stressing and causing damage.

· A silica-free option for shot blasting, peening, honing, cleaning and light deburring

· Chemically inert and environmentally friendly

· Available in a wide range of sizes

· Can be recycled up to 30 times

Technical data

· Hardness: 6 - 7 Moh scale

· Specific weight: +/- 2.5g/cm3

· Bulk weight: +/- 1.6 kg / l

· Free silica: None

· Shape: Round

· Storage: Dry and Sheltered

· Packaging: Paper Bags of 25kg net

Typical chemical analysis

· Si02: 72.55% (No free silica)

· Al203: 0.5 - 2%

· K2O: 0.88%

· Na2O: 13.78%

· CaO: 7.02%

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